Next Sale: Sunday 20 February 2011 22:00UTC


The next sale will be on Sunday 20 February 2011 at 22:00 UTC. Sorry folks, we have sold out again. I’ll let you know the next sale date very soon, should be in the next couple of weeks.

Please note that we may not be able to dispatch until Tuesday 22 February 2011 as this is due to be the largest batch to date, so logisitcally it will be difficult to make it happen for Monday.

This afternoon (Friday 18 Feb) I have just received the latest batch of assembled PCBs, and I am programming them up. Yields thus far are much better, 90% on a quick straw poll. Remember I will still be adding the high pass filter rework and retesting every unit.

Many thanks, Howard

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26 Responses to Next Sale: Sunday 20 February 2011 22:00UTC

  1. Bruce KF1Z says:

    Excellent news Howard.
    Thanks for the update.

    Hopefully I’ll be one of the lucky one’s this sale! 🙂


  2. Peter H.g8bhd says:

    Great news Howard

    Fingers crossed this time……..

    73es Peter

  3. Tom W1WSO says:


  4. komradebob says:

    Yay! This time I won’t be on an airplane. 🙂

    How many will be going on sale?

    Thanks again for a great project!

    • admin says:

      I certainly don’t miss the part of my old life spent in airports, except that my once bulging frequent flyer accounts have now been emptied so I have to pay for personal trips now!

      I have 151 units. I have tested every one, and needed to fix 16. No write offs. I am currently reworking the high pass filters and retesting.


  5. Daniel says:

    I need to know the price for a Funcubedongle and form to pay.

  6. VK2ABP - Bob says:

    Oh man… what a joke. I have tried everytime to get one, this time hitting the buy button as soon as the clock hit the time. I got so far as the “Payment Received” window, and then got a message to say item sold out. I have checked my paypal and sure enough – no funds sent.

    Having to wait for the exact second like this is such a ridiculous way to buy something. Especially for those of us on slow internet links. Payment received – sorry item sold out.

    Anyway – good luck to those fortunate souls that were able to purchase one, I think due to my experiences so far i wil have to wait a long way down the track till these are not sold in the first second or two.

    A list would make so much more sense. This way of selling things, what a joke!!

    • N0IMB says:

      Sorry to hear your frustration, Bob. I read this *entire* thread for ideas/suggestions about how to get in fast on the purchase. The one thing I would suggest is to log into paypal *before* the sale starts. This should save your login credentials for the next time you use paypal (email only, won’t save password). Next create a txt file and type your paypal password into it and ctrl-c (copy) the password to the clipboard so you don’t have to manually type it when making the FCD purchase. Also make sure to set your PC to sync clock with (don’t use the windows time server, it’s off by a few seconds). Have the purchase page open and ready to click the purchase now button instantly when the clock says it’s time. If all goes according to plan then you should only have to ctrl-v (paste) your paypal password into the box and click the confirmation button. I would imagine it does help to be on high speed internet but the above steps may give you a better chance against those who haven’t read this comment thread and taken these steps (during the next purchase window).

      Good luck and 73’s,
      Ian Branson N0IMB

      • Bob says:


        All noted and pretty much all of that was done (time server is that used by my ISP – so not sure of their upstream one) … As I said, it came up and told me was fine for payment, when I clicked the confirm (I think that is what it is) button down the bottom on the page that says Payment Received – I then got sent to the sorry none left page…

        This was all over extremely quick

        A list – then we know exactly when our time to pay is coming up, and we would know that we have a chance to purchase one of these…

        The main frustration – how long is a piece of string… How long till these gems are not going to be made…

  7. Ian Ashley ZL1AOX says:

    Hi Howard,
    Just confirming the shipping address is confirmed as per the PayPal receipt.
    looking forward to it’s arrival.
    73 Ian ZL1AOX

  8. NY3U says:

    That was fast! Did they sell out in only two minutes this time?

  9. N0imb says:

    Yay! I got one!

  10. Randy K7AGE says:


  11. Jordan rubin says:

    Wooooohoooo score!

    • Jordan rubin says:

      Did someone say “full duplex on ssb sats”. Yup

      • Mark Hammond N8MH says:

        Excellent! Now, wait until you hear the “slight delay” in your own downlink! That is from the delay of processing the signal from RF to AF…it’s quite funny, actually 🙂

  12. Thanks for a really great concept…. I can’t wait until we can get one. It looks like it will be a great instructional tool!

  13. Peter H.g8bhd says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeees… one this time……

    Just in time for the launch

    Thanks and 73es Howard well done

  14. Greg says:

    I pushed the buy button about on the dot (well, less than a second after). I got to the paypal logon screen, logged on and then onto the payment screen….the circle just went round and around. Luckily I had the time, and forethought, to start another purchase and that one was succesful while the 1st one just went round and round, waiting for what I do not know.


  15. VK3BLM Laurie says:

    At every previous attempt I had a reasonably fast wireless broadband link. At this attempt I had exceeded my quota and was running painfully slow eg the funcube home page took 1 minute to download – but I succeeded. I think the secret was to try again straight after the first knock back. Anyway, one happy camper as they say.

  16. dan says:

    I saw you shipped this batch and am curious about updated stats. Will you post any?