Next Sale: Tuesday 26 April 2100UTC


Sorry, we have sold out: I am in discussions with the manufacturer to see if we can have some more ready for May 3 at 21:00UTC.

My manufacturer has pulled out the stops this week even though we have the Easter holidays ahead of us (as well as holidays for some wedding you might have heard of next week too) and has already delivered another 100 assembled boards so I am delighted to announce that there will be a sale on Tuesday 26 April!

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15 Responses to Next Sale: Tuesday 26 April 2100UTC

  1. Manuel Bellido Gonzalez says:

    is posible sale for mi one funcube dongle pro tnx

    • admin says:

      Hello Manuel.

      The next sale is at 2100UTC on Tuesday 26 April. I belive that’ll be 2300 local Spanish time.


  2. JK says:

    Do William and Kate have a FUNcube Dongle Pro on their wedding registry list? 😉

    Seriously, though, THANKS for ALL that you are doing Howard…I appear to have been a “winner” in yesterday’s “race” so I am anxiously anticipating shipment confirmation (and delivery!).

    73, K9JK

    • admin says:

      I am contemplating a special commemorative FUNcube Dongle Pro Royal Wedding Commemorative Edition but I can’t fit the wording onto the enclosure.


      • JK says:

        And will that be for “only” £999? Only a “slight” premium over the non-commemorative edition. 😉 * 1000.

        • admin says:

          I am on the phone to Swarovski now for a quote for the pimped up encrusted enclosure.

          De Beers said “We don’t have anything small enough”.


      • Jon says:

        Good idea just add an R like our call signs 🙂

  3. Burns Fisher says:

    I was another lucky one on the 19th. Thanks for the fast shipment. Apparently Fedex is having some trouble in the US with high winds etc in their hub in Memphis. My FCD is sitting there somewhere waiting to head up to the northeast. They removed the entry on the tracking site which said I should have received it 45 minutes ago 🙂

    Ah well…awaiting anxiously!

  4. Jose I. Roman says:

    I try it on April 19 , but no luck..I will trying it again on April 26..going for a pro model

  5. Jose I. Roman says:

    Pre-paid orders are accepted ??


    • admin says:

      Hello Jose

      I am sorry at present I don’t have the facilities to be able to deal with pre paid orders.


  6. Joerg ... DL2BQH says:

    Sorry for my verry pur english. Im born 1942 and i hope in my life sale for mi one
    funcubedongle, hi.
    Al the best for you and 73!

  7. F.Costa says:

    If you don’t want to wait until tuesday, just check this ebay listing
    I found it *very* ofensive to Howard’s work.
    73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

    • Rob says:

      He also sold one last week via ebay. by the look of his bad feedback, he is never going to be a Bill Gates.

      • Ben - PE2BZ says:

        I don’t think its nice to say something about his feedback. He did sell 20 times in 12 months, got one bad feedback, makes about 5%. If you do review his feedback you should have been able to read that it is supposed to be an error at the buyers side.

        Price of the dongle however IS very high.

        No offence ment in this message !

        73′ – PE2BZ
        (awaiting his dongle from another Ebay seller)