Next Sale: Tuesday May 3 21:00UTC


Sorry we sold out. I will provide a new post when I have a clear idea of the next availability, hopefully it will be during the week commencing 9 May. We’ve had some unexpected delays with a supplier during the recent public holidays here in the UK (four in ten days) but we’re confident we’ll be quickly back on track in the next few days.

Our assemblers have again managed to deliver another set of boards despite the frenzy of puclic holidays here in the UK (four in ten days), so we’ll have some more units available on Tuesday May 3 at 21:00UTC.

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6 Responses to Next Sale: Tuesday May 3 21:00UTC

  1. Thomas Reppe says:

    do your have any schematics on the FunCube Dongle for sale, or is it strictly
    a proprietary issue? TR

    • admin says:

      Hello Thomas

      Thank you for your note. This has been discussed already a number of times in some depth on this blog, but essentially we are restricted by an NDA on the tuner chip, a typical requirement in this silicon market space.

      If there is something in particular that you are trying to achieve, let me know and I may well be able to help you. Interestingly, some who have asked for schematics have been unable to tell me what purpose they need want them for, so it’s difficult to offer help in those circumstances!



      • Greg says:

        Hi Howard,
        what about the pic code or extracts of it, those parts that don’t interface to the tuner? The usb audio in the pic seems like it would be suitable for other sdr front ends, even things like softrocks etc. That part of the funcube seems quite stable , works well and I for one would prefer a usb audio front end rather than plugging in to sound cards. And depending on which pic and codec or A/D was used, potentially greater panadapter bandwidths could be obtained.

        Checked the fcddevlopment group and didn’t see anything there.


  2. LUCA says:



  3. Furio says:

    Hi, it’s the third time I try to buy dongle pro, I started at 21:00, entered all data for transaction but at the end of operation exactly after 2 minutes item was sold out! Any suggestion? How many items do you sell each time?

    • admin says:

      Hello Furio

      We’ve been producing 100 each week over the past six weeks or so, and we’re about to increase that. There is a logistical problem of physically trying to print all the paperwork and pack all the units out of the door by the time the Fedex guy arrives about 14 hours after the sale, although the process is always improving. I was expecting the pace of sales to be far more leisurely a couple of months ago, and to some extent it has eased – although everything is relative: it now takes two minutes to sell out rather than 40 seconds.

      We are hoping to have some more around Tuesday next week, keep an eye on this site for updates.