Next Sale: Friday 13 May 21:00UTC


Apologies for the delay in announcing the next sale: we had a delay of the public holiday period for one single part (the tuner chip) which has delayed the production schedule. I am pleased to announce that we are back in business with the next batch available on Friday May 13 at 21:00UTC.

Many thanks for your patience, Howard

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8 Responses to Next Sale: Friday 13 May 21:00UTC

  1. Kevin Walters says:

    Is there a specific site to go to when the Funcube goes on sale??

  2. Jason Rausch says:

    Just got my order in! Thank you online UTC clock :o)

  3. Dan Marler says:

    I was on the road traveling back home at 21:00 UTC (3:00 PM MST).
    I just now tried to place an order and found that you are again sold out.

    What is the date/time of your next sale ?

    Dan Marler, K7REX
    Boise, Idaho USA

  4. Christof Proft says:

    Hello Howard,

    got one last Friday, 20 seconds after beginning of the sale :-)))
    Arrived today, plugged in, updated the firmware, running.
    Now I’m receiving fm broadcast with 20cm of wire, time to get a suitable antenna.

    Thanks a lot.



  5. James says:

    When is the next sale?


  6. judy says:

    When is the next sale? The last chance was in October:-( and I would like to order.

    • admin says:

      Hello Judy

      They have been permanently avaialable since about August, feel free to order now!

      Many thanks, Howard